Volunteer drive pathetic

by Angela Petrie Chair Awareness

To date the call for volunteers for awareness has been pathetic!  The Executive cannot be expected to cover all the dates.

The only two non-executive responses have been from Tammy Craig and Clara Hare.  Clara was the only one that volunteered to put up posters for Choices.

We have fairly good coverage for Choices. I have scheduled four days at Nature’s Fare all through the month of May. Eleanore was scheduled for one, but has had to cancel – I will take you up on your offer for another day Eleanore, and Ann is set for the other. I cannot do any of the Nature’s Fare as I will be working at the school.

I need volunteers at Nature’s Fare from 10-2 on the following dates:

  • May 4   [Tuesday]
  • May 12 [Wednesday]
  • May 18 [Tuesday]
  • May 27 [Thursday]

The awareness box (pamphlets, membership kits, banner) will be waiting for you at Nature’s Fare. You will need to set up the table and possibly the banner, answer questions and take down the table at 2 pm.  A demo table will be right beside you to bring people to the table to get info.

Angela Petrie Chair Awareness

Call me at 250-868-3830 or email me with your availability Angela Petrie  D_N_A@telus.net

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