Kootenay Celiac meeting highlights from November 8th

Notes from the West Kootenay Celiac Group on November 8th, 2010

by Jane Merks

We had a great meeting on Monday.  Ten people came including 3 new people.  We enjoyed 2 hours of discussing the good, bad and ugly of eating gluten-free eating.

  • Discussion about local restaurants
  • Raves for the Hume (Nelson) and McQ’s (Balfour – closed in the winter)
  • Dock n’ Duck in Balfour have been removed from our list (they have not followed thru on GF menus)
  • We are adding Bent Fork (Nelson) Rene’s (Creston) and Scholar’s Lounge, Mary Hall, Silver King Campus Selkirk College (Nelson – call ahead)
  • discussion about responsibilities of various jobs
  • we are looking for a ‘leader’ for meetings and overall coordinating
  • for now each job functions on its own
  • Don and Lynda in charge of room rental and key pickup – they will arrange 3 meeting dates in 2011, Jan,. Mar, May
  • Nell will put ads and notices in papers and websites (we need a backup person for when she’s away)
  • Jean will take over this email address (Jane can be backup person)
  • Jane will continue creating flyers, Don will distribute in Nelson, everyone distributes locally as well
  • Jane will continue updating brochure but a discussed about printing and distribution will be held in January
  • Minutes of meeting will be produced by someone on a rotating basis (Jean can email to everyone) unless we get a secretary
  • discussion about cookie exchange (most aren’t ready for this year – but next!) – including recipes
  • discussion about meeting times/days – we’ll vary it – some evenings, some Saturdays
  • NEXT meeting – bring product package of one of your favourites and one of your ‘hated’
  • Recipes will continue to be forwarded to ‘active members’ (those who filled out the form) from Nell and others – if you don’t wish to get this, let us know please.

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  1. Jean you are all doing such a great job with the Kootenay area. Please let me know if you need information or help with material.

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