Are Kettle brand potato chips gluten-free?

Here’s the official statement from the Kettle Brand website FAQ:

All Kettle Brand® Potato Chips (including our Kettle Brand® Baked, Organic, and Krinkle Cut™ Potato Chips) are gluten-free and processed in a gluten-free environment.

Our new Kettle Brand®TIAS!™ are gluten free, but are processed in a facility that makes products containing gluten. We thoroughly clean our lines, but cannot guarantee that a trace amount of gluten would not be left in the facility. There is a slight possibility of cross-contamination.

Our other products (Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chips and Kettle Brand® Roaster Fresh® Nut Butters) are made in a separate facility, and are processed on equipment shared with ingredients that contain very small amounts of wheat. The gluten is in our Kettle Brand® Multi Grain Tortilla Chip flavor and a few of our Kettle Brand® Roaster Fresh® Trail Mixes. We thoroughly clean our lines after each flavor run, but there is a slight potential of cross contamination with tortilla chips and nut products. For your convenience we do list all ingredients on the packaging.

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