Volunteers needed for Kelowna 2012

by Irene Thompson – President Kelowna Chapter
Once again “hello” to everyone!

Irene ThompsonI hope that you are enjoying the nice days that we have had. May is here and as you all know this is Celiac Awareness Month. This year our awareness is focused on getting information out to all the dentists.

Marie has sent out the information via e-mail to you and I would request that you take this information to your dentist ASAP along with information about the conference. We have a dentist speaking at our conference and this would be a great opportunity to hear just how celiac disease affects our teeth. I will also print off the information so that the members that do not have e-mail can have a copy.

We will need your help with the Conference so please we need you to volunteer to help. I will have sign-up sheets at the potluck as will Moyra so please pitch in and help.

David, Moyra, Jessica, Ann and I as well as others have been working very hard to make this conference a success however we can’t do it all we are counting on you.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone once again Sunday (May 6th) as well as looking forward to our potluck lunch it is always a treat.

A friend is a present which you give yourself (Robert Louis Stevenson)

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