Free Seminar: Top Foods To Include on the Gluten Free Topic

gluten free pop-up in Kelowna

Join Selena Devries, RD October 3rd at Choices Market in Kelowna for a free seminar “Top foods to include in a  gluten free diet.”  The event runs 11 – 1 pm with Selena speaking at 12.

AGM Potluck Meeting this Sunday

Please join us this

Sunday September 13th, 2015Canadian Celiac Association Logo

at the Lake Country  Seniors Activity Centre,

9832 Bottom Lake Road

The doors open at 12:00 noon,
and lunch is served about 12:30  pm.

Please bring your gluten-free potluck dishes, with recipes and/or sources.

We ask adults for a toonie to help defray the hall rental costs.

We are trying to be ‘green’ so please bring your own dishes mugs and cutlery!

You’ll be missed Bill Titheridge

Our condolences and thoughts are with Penticton member Norma Titheridge who lost her loving husband Bill on Thursday.

Bill Titheridge was a long-time member of the chapter and he and Norma regularly attended our chapter potlucks.  They were instrumental to the chapter in the Penticton area.  Many of you may remember Bill bringing the raffle bucket table-to-table for the potluck draw at our chapter potlucks.



Click to read the full obituary.

Debunking the recent Celiac pill hype

By Sue Newell, CCA National Office Staffer

Sue Newell

Sue Newell

It would have been hard to miss the news from the University of Alberta over the last few weeks: Scientists find enzymes that break down gluten so celiacs can eat pizza and beer! If you just read the brief news reports, it all sounded great. It would be great if it was true. Right now, it is a “good idea, hope it works, looking forward to hearing the results of your trials a few years from now”. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make good headlines.

There are a number of potential drugs in the formal drug testing pipeline to add to the current treatment for celiac disease. Some CCA members have already taken part in the trials. There are many more ideas floating around that theoretically have a good chance of working. None of them are on the market yet and all need more rounds of formal testing before they could ever be approved by Health Canada.

There is one type of product on the market right now. Gluten Ease, Gluten Cutter, Gluten Aid, Gluten Relief; all the names sound so promising. The only problem is they don’t make gluten safe for someone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. When you read the literature on the products, they clearly say “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration”. In other words, we have not had to prove that the pills do what we say they do.

When there are treatments to augment the gluten-free diet, you will hear about it from the CCA, not from the popular press. There might even be options that will replace the gluten-free diet as a treatment, but that is a very long way down the road from now. In the mean time, we are lucky to have an amazingly effective treatment that allows us to actually get better. I’m not sure there are any other autoimmune diseases with that treatment.

New Gluten-Free Bread At Nature’s Fare

Chapter President Irene Wiseman recent had an opportunity to try a new bread product that is now available at Nature’s Fare Markets.

The loaf is from Little Northern Bakehouse and comes in three flavours: Mllet & Chia, Cinnamon & Raisin, and Seeds & Grain.

As you know, Irene is the go to person in our chapter on bread. She’s done commercial baking for Nutter’s and other private customers. She also tries out the products on her B & B guests.

Irene says she likes it and that it works well for sandwiches and does not need to be toasted. Irene will have some coupon’s at September’s Potluck.

If you are looking for a new bread – check it out!

little northern bakery
Click for a PDF info sheet.

Gluten-Free Beach Picnic Today at 5 pm!

gf-pop-up picnic

Selena Devries, RD, CLT and Integrative Registered Dietitian via is holding this fun (free) gluten free picnic at Rotary Beach in Kelowna TODAY!  It’s perfect for family and young ones!

Below is the full write-up.  Hope to see you there!

The theme of this event is “Eating Out.” Selena Devries, Registered Dietitian and diagnosed celiac will be giving a short talk on how to stay safe when trying to eat out gluten free.

She will also be available to chat to throughout the event and answer questions on the gluten free diet.

It’s a FREE event for everyone of all ages. Family, friends, and children all welcome. This is an event intended to support those with celiac disease and/or gluten intolerance in our community. Following a gluten free diet can be socially isolating so let’s come together and support each other!

Please bring some GLUTEN FREE snacks/dishes that you would like to eat/share. If you intend to share them, please come with a written out ingredient list of what is in your dish. Note, it is not required to share your dish.

You do NOT need to bring food to attend this event.

This is a GREEN event: Please bring your own eating utensils/bowls.

If you can make it, please RSVP on Facebook to help us plan the food:

Celiac Awareness and Information Conference in Kamloops!

pathway to health Canadian Celiac Association Logo

Celiac Awareness and Information Conference

Presented by

Canadian Celiac Association –  Kamloops Chapter

Saturday September 26, 2015

Calvary Community Church, 1205 Rogers Way, Kamloops BC  V1S 1R9

Keynote Speakers


Dr. Kraig Montalbetti, M.D. Family Physician

“A Celiac’s relationship with their Physician”

Dr. Ali Kohansal, MD Gastroenterologist

“The Celiac Diagnosis”

Dr. Justine Dowd, PhD –

            Post-doctoral Fellowship at the University of Calgary

“Importance of a strict adherence to a Gluten Free diet”

Dr. Richard Lewis, M.D. F.R.C.P (C) Dermatologist

“DH – The truth behind the Rash”

Selena De Vries, RD  –

HealthBean Nutrition

“Safe Eating and Label Reading for the Celiac and the Gluten Sensitive”

Jim Motokado, Pharmacist

“What your Pharmacist needs to know after diagnosis”

Sarina Bruno

            “Growing Up Celiac – a Child’s Perspective”

Adam Hart – Author & Nutritional Researcher –

            The Power of Food and Ra Energy Co Creator

“Whole Health Eating for Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity”

Visit to register.