2014 Halloween Treat List

by Sue Newall

smiling-pumpkinIs that candy safe for me? This is an important question this time of year for most children but also for adults. Halloween treats show up at work, while visiting with friends, and even when you are in line at the bank.

In general, the CCA strongly recommends checking the ingredient list when you are trying to determine whether a food is safe, but this can be a very difficult time at Halloween. Treats are often in sold in large bags but distributed individually. The ingredient list appears on the bag, but not on the individual treats, making it hard to figure out if the product is safe. In addition, small-size treats often use a different recipe and are made at different facilities than their full-size counterparts. Just because the standard size of a chocolate bar is gluten free does not mean that the miniature size is also gluten free.

This web site researches the status of treats for both Canada and the United States each year: myglutenfacts.com/halloween/ca/. When you look at a list make sure 1) it contains information for 2014, and 2) it is information for CANADA.

Make sure you also check for updates – mistakes can happen. If you find a conflict between the list and the package you have in front of you, make your decision based on the package information.

CCA memberships now available online

By Sue Newell

Canadian Celiac Association LogoAs of this month, new CCA memberships may be taken out online! No need for the paper form.

We have also simplified the online renewal process. While it took a while to get the infrastructure set up, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the ease of the new system. If you have not yet renewed your membership for the coming year, don’t put it off!

Membership Benefits

  • A subscription to the national newsletter Celiac News
  • A subscription to the national electronic newsletter Celiac eNews, sent by email monthly
  • Current and accurate resources on celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis in CCA publications and reviews of current literature
  • Up-to-date product information and food recalls
  • Opportunity to contribute to research on celiac disease
  • Chapter meetings that provide information, fellowship and local information about where to shop and eat
  • Access to help and information by phone or email
  • Discounts from some suppliers of gluten-free food (varies from area to area)


Your Membership Helps CCA Advocate For:

  • Better food labelling and disclosure of all sources of gluten in foods
  • Government recognition of extra costs and time involved in eating gluten-free
  • Safety, availability and enrichment of gluten-free products
  • Public awareness and understanding to make living gluten-free easier and safer
  • Medical awareness to ensure early diagnosis, and optimal continuum of care


Join the CCA

Join the CCA through our online membership form at http://www.celiac.ca/?page_id=2624

Choices Offers Cooking Classes

ChoicesThis month the Choices Nutrition Team is conducting some interesting cooking classes, and hands-on cooking sessions, and film screenings that could be appropriate for patients, dietitians, or other health care staff.

The Kelowna classes,  at 1397 Harvey Avenue, are as follows:

Cooking Class for Food Sensitivities: Cook Without Compromise

  • Conducted by Choices’ Chef Antonio and Nadene Shirtliff (with a Masters in Nutrition and a former RD).
  • Tuesday, October 28, 2014 6 pm-8 pm (cost $20)
  • Are you struggling with food sensitivities? Do you dread cooking meals at home to suit your specialized diet like: dairy free, gluten-free or low FODMAP Choices’ Chef Antonio and nutritionist and former Dietitian, Nadene Shirtliff, are here to help you enjoy meals again! Join them for this cooking class for recipe tasting, and learn how to cook delicious food within your dietary guidelines. Recipes will be provided.

GMO OMG Screening & Discussion

  • Thursday October 23, 2014 7 pm-9 pm (FREE)

For all upcoming event registration  call 250-862-4864 (for Kelowna) or visit Customer Service in store.

Gluten Free Cooking Class November 1st, 2014

gf-cooking-classDo You Wish You Could:

  • Answer the question “What’s For Dinner” with ease?
  • Zip in and out of the grocery store and know what should be in your shopping basket?
  • Put wholesome and nourishing foods on the table in no time flat?
  • Lose weight AND keep it off?

After completing this workshop series you will become confident in your food
choices, get nourishing dinners on the table in 15 minutes, and find your body’s
natural weight with ease!

3 Week Series:

Three Essential Skills for Fast, Flavorful and Healthful Meals

Oct 18: 1:30-3pm
Oct 25: 1:30-3pm
Nov 1: 1:30-4:30

Session 1: Decoding Nutrition Labels
Session 2: Foundational Food Skills: Meal Planning Like a Pro
Session 3: Streamline Kitchen Time – Gluten Free Cooking Class 1 Recipe, 8 Meals

Prices: All 3: $70
Individual: $25-$40

Register: www.healthbean.ca OR call Selena 778-990-6047

Gluten Free Online Learning Module Now Online

Canadian Celiac Association LogoThe Gluten Free Online Learning Module for health care and food service personnel is now available online at CCALearnOnline.ca.

This course was developed as a continuing education module, and at the end, individuals receive a statement of achievement that can be included in their learning portfolio. The price was set to be comparable to other courses in the same domain.

If you encounter administrators who might be interested in offering the course to a large number of people, we can provide evaluation access and if appropriate, negotiate bulk rates. Please ask these individuals to email education@celiac.ca for more information.

Parents of Celiac Children Online Survey


study-logosWe need parents willing to complete an online survey:

Exploring the influence of parent perceptions on vitamin supplementation practices in children/adolescents with celiac disease.

parent-study-photoWe would like to gain an understanding of what your general knowledge is about the need for vitamin supplementation in children/adolescents with celiac disease and your perspectives on the factors which influence the decision to use/not use vitamin supplements.

  • Does your child/adolescent have Celiac Disease?
  • Is your child/adolescent between the ages of 2-18 years?
  • Does your child take vitamins?
  • Would you like to be part of a national survey?
  • Only 20 minutes of your time!

Kelowna Chapter Minutes September 14, 2014

by Irene Wiseman

Sunday’s meeting was our AGM and elections for the 2015 and 2016 years.  As usually the meeting started with a potluck lunch with all the members contributing many delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy.

The executive had a meeting earlier to try and come up with some ways to make the meetings more interesting and informative for the members. Due to the fact that the executive and our members are all very busy we decided to hold only two meetings a year: one in June and one in September. These will still be potlucks and will be held at the same great location. The executive will meet as needed either in person or via e-mail. Marie will continue to do the newsletter four times a year so that we can keep the membership informed and up to date on all the happenings within the chapter and the CCA.

There had been no change in the members on the executive for the coming term. We would really like to see some new members on the executive take over and come up with fresh ideas. This would be our hope for the next term.

Our dietitian Mary Hicks will continue doing the wellness education presentations at the Capri. The presentations are only one hour. The next one is on Sept 25th. At 7 pm.

The executive presented all their reports to the members.four-spoons-bakery

Nicole from Four Spoons home based baker was present and gave us information about her product. Nicole the cinnamon buns were great! Four Spoons has their product at the farmers market in Kelowna so if you are in the area take a trip to see what they have. All Niccole’s products are gluten, dairy, soy and nut free.

As a group we talked about some new products that have been tried by members. We are finding that more and more products are coming on line and that a lot of them are CCA certified. This is our guarantee that the products are indeed gluten free and there for safe for us to consume.

Kelowna Chapter