Gluten-Free Restaurants & Stores

We are discontinuing this page…   please read why.

When we first started our gluten-free restaurant list, hardly any local restaurants provided gluten-free options or adhered to proper kitchen practices to ensure a Celiac-friendly environment.

With the multitude of restaurant options now available, it is no longer difficult for Celiacs to find at least a few gluten-free dishes at most restaurants.  As our chapter of the CCA is 100% volunteer run, it’s challenging for volunteers to keep up with the ever-changing list.

If you are looking for a gluten-free restaurant in our area we recommend the following questions with the dining establishment.


Gluten-Free Dining Questions

gluten-free questionsCommunication
• What recommendations are made to diners asking for a gluten-free meal?
• How are kitchen staff alerted to a gluten-free order?

• What ingredients will be used to make my order?
• How are ingredients confirmed to be really gluten free? Says so on labels? • Checked product website?
Called the manufacturer? • Checked with the CCA?
• Could gluten-free ingredients / toppings become contaminated while they are waiting to be used?
• Are pure spices vs prepared seasonings or soy sauce used in making my meal?
• Are deep fried items cooked in oil that has been used to deep fry breaded, battered gluten food items?
• How are sauces and dressings thickened? Do they contain malt vinegar?

• Are hands washed / gloves & apron changed before or in between preparing regular food?
• Are all utensils used in preparing my food free from traces of gluten? • Separate or scrubbed frying pan?
Griddle scrubbed clean of residue ? • Dedicated gluten-free pots, colanders, cutting boards?
• Will my food be prepared in an area separate from the regular flow of the kitchen?
• What other precautions are taken to minimize / prevent cross contamination?

Pizzas Places & Mixed Bakeries
• Are gluten-free crusts prepared on site or pre-purchased?
• Are fresh sauces / ingredients used for gluten-free pizzas? Or are ingredients from the regular prep line used?
• Are gluten-free pizzas prepared in a separate area? If not, how is the area prepped to be gluten-free?
• Could the finished product become contaminated with gluten while waiting to be served?
• How do servers / kitchen staff / delivery persons double check that an order is gluten-free?

• What prompted your restaurant’s interest in serving the gluten free?
• Has your restaurant received input from the local Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association? A dietitian?
Someone familiar with celiac disease and the gluten-free diet?
• Do you or a staff member have celiac disease? On a gluten-free diet?
• Have you ever had a complaint about a gluten-free meal? What was done to prevent it from reoccurring?

We’d like to thank Marie Ablett for her many years of dedication in the preparation of our list.  We’d further like to thank Ellen Baynes of the Celiac Scene for the tips above.




The final list below will be removed from our site in January 2015.






Local Celiac Friendly Eating & Shopping

Curated By Marie Ablett – Final Update November 16, 2014

We do not guarantee these suggestions, but hope they may serve as a guide.

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  • Always remember to check for gluten-free items before you order.
  • No regular soy sauce is understood as it contains gluten.
  • Many ethnic restaurants, such as Thai and Indian are gluten-free.
  • Many franchises such as Dairy Queen, White Spot and New York Fries are good, BUT do check your local eatery.
  • Many of the wineries are knowledgeable about gluten-free diets.




  • Andiamo Italian Restaurant 260 Ross Street N.E. 250-833-0065 Gluten Free menu items.  Phone ahead to make sure that they have rice pasta on hand. (map)
  • Cantina Vallarta Mexican Restaurant 331 Hudson Avenue N.E. 250-804-4748 The chef/owner is from Puerto Vallarta most of his food is using corn tortillas.   (map)
  • Chiang Mai Orchid (Thai ) 131 Hudson Avenue N.E. 250-832-0699 (map)
  • Thai on the Fly #6 2676 Fairway Hills Road, Blind Bay B.C. 250-675-5060 Great food and lots of it! (map)
  • Table 24 at the Podollan Inn  460 Trans-Canada Highway N.E. 250-832-5024 If you have a dietary concern, please let your server know. We are happy to accommodate your needs. (map)
  • Wicked Spoon 200 Trans Canada Highway SW 250-832-2280 Does a great steak with fresh veggies and GF Duchess Potatoes.  (map)
  • Spooners 200 Trans Canada Highway SW 250-832-2280  Next to Wicked Spoon.  They have good GF pizzas.  The kitchen & serving staff seem to be quite knowledgeable.  (map)
  • Bradbury House – 141 Hudson Ave. NE,  Salmon Arm  250-832-3900 They have a separate gluten free menu with many choices.  Great food and great homemade chili soup that was gluten free. (map)
  • Boston Pizza – 251 Trans Canada Hwy, Salmon Arm  250-833-1151 They have a gluten free menu with many choices.  The chicken wing appetizer with just salt and pepper is awesome. (map)
  • Shuswap Chef – 551 Trans Canada Hwy. Salmon Arm 250-832-5019 He is very conscious of gluten free and came out and spoke to me before we ordered.  The sauces are all homemade and reduced by the chef.  The food is excellent and I consider it to be the best restaurant in Salmon Arm. (map)



  • Four A B&B 2250 4th Avenue S.E. 250-832-7738 A gluten-free B&B kitchen! Our club president! (map)


  • Joe Shmucks Road House 734 Trans Canada Highway 250-836-2290 The server and the cook both had celiacs in the family so were knowledgeable and very readily accommodated me; made me the Santa Fe salad but grilled the chicken separately and without the regular seasoning. (map)


  • The Brown Derby 3425 Pleasant Valley Road 250-546-8221 Good for breakfast. (map)
  • The Saxon Inn Restaurant 3400 Smith Drive 250-546-3056 ‘Chef’s Salad’ and chicken wings without sauce are GF. (map)
  • Tanuki Sushi House 2537 Pleasant Valley Blvd  250-546-0090 Has separate GF menu (map)
  • The Anchor Inn Pub 3030 Smith Drive 250-546-8210 Have a Gluten Sensitive menu and try very hard to accommodate.  (map)

Note: There are several small restaurants there, but don’t have any reports on them!



  • Blue Heron Pub & Restaurant 7673 Okanagan Landing 250-542-5550 I ate in the restaurant and had no problems. (map)
  • Health Kitchen 3012 29 Street across from the old RR station. It is great for gluten-free! (map)
  • Wendy’s 5101 26 Street, get chicken breast and Baked Potato and side salad. Affordable! (map)
  • The Phoenix Steak House 3117 30 Avenue 30th (Main Street) 250-260-1189 Is great food and if you just call ahead and let the chef know you’re coming (since you almost always need reservations anyway) they will prepare a wonderful meal for you. (map)
  • The Italian Kitchen 2916 30th Avenue (Main Street) 250-558-7899 They have gluten-free pasta and you can choose any of the dishes that would be gluten-free to go with the pasta. (map)
  • Billy D’s Restaurant 3127 30th Avenue (Main Street) 250-545-3228 They offer a “full menu” for gluten free including pizza, pasta, ribs, burgers, stir fry, and desserts. (map)
  • Boa-Thong (Thai) 3210 30th Avenue (Main Street) 250-542-1252 (map)
  • New Delhi Indian 2905 29th Street 250-545-6558 Celiacs can’t have the naan bread and samosas. (map)
  • Simply Delicious 3419 31st Avenue 250-542-7500 Irene’s gluten-free bread is sold there! (map)
  • Boston Pizza 3604 32 Street (Highway 97) 250-558-0669 The manager was very helpful. He had an allergy guide. He said to specify that it was an “allergy”. Potato skins; you MUST request that they be baked. They are not as crispy and do take much longer. My kids order the Crispy Chicken Pecan Salad and substitute a grilled chicken breast instead of the breaded one. (map)
  • Vernon Best Western Lodge 3914 32nd Street (Highway 97) 250-545-3646 (map)
  • White Spot 4400 32nd (Highway 97) 250-545-7119 (map)
  • Ora Restaurant in Prestige Inn 4411 32nd Street (Highway 97) 250-558-5991 (map) $$$
  • Jim’s Place 1600 32nd Avenue 250-549-3700 They have gluten-free pizza! It’s on Highway 97 near Vernon Jubilee Hospital. (map)
  • Earl’s Kitchen and Bar 101-3101 Highway 6 250-542-3370 Offers a gluten-aware menu. (map)
  • China Wok 3102 30th Ave 250-542-9939 The host checked everything out,with the management, before we went and seemed very willing to please.  They were very specific about which the things I could have. (map)
  • Temptasions 5600 Anderson Way  250-275-6688 Asian cuisine.  They also cater.  Located across from the Superstore. (map)
  • Gumtree Catering  #42 100 Kal Lake Road 250-558-7555 They also offer gluten-free cooking classes.  (map)
  • Rice Box 3104 27th Street , Vernon B.C.  V1T 2M1  Owners daughter is gluten sensitive and he is adding more menu items to meet her needs including sweet and sour pork.  (map)


  • Lifestyle Natural Foods #260-4900 27th Street (Village Green Mall) 250-545-0255 Contact: Terry (map)
  • Safeway 3417 30 Avenue and 4300 32 Street They have gluten-free products, usually in the ethnic/diabetic/health section. (map)
  • Save-On-Foods 245-4900 27th Street They have GF products, usually in the ethnic/diabetic/health section (map)
  • Nature’s Fare #104 3400 30th Avenue (Main Street) They carry many gluten-free flours, flax seed, various soy- and rice-milks, rice pastas etc. (map)
  • Simply Delicious 3419 31st Avenue Carries Irene’s bread, as well as many other gluten-free products! (map)
  • Helmut’s Sausage Kitchen 2103 48th Avenue 250-260-3281 has some gluten-free sausages (map)
  • Okanagan Sausage 3415- 30 Avenue 250-542-5248 Has gluten free sausages. They are also at 15050 Highway 97 in Oyama. (map)
  • Butcher Boys 4803 Pleasant Valley 250-542-2968 They have English sausages. (map)
  • Home For Dinner 4405A 29th Street 250-549-3145 They are located across the street from Bakers Dozen. They have some items available that are gluten-free and you can order online. (map)
  • Epicure Selections is now 100% certified gluten-free and offers fine food products such as: Dip Mixes, Salsas, Spice Blends and Quick Meal Solution. Contact Sandy Williams at 250-862-7312


  • Alice’s Restaurant (formerly the “The Chicken Run”) 1891 Vernon Road 250-547-2223 They make a great grilled chicken burger that can be ordered without the bun and fries. It comes with Lettuce, tomatoes etc. and coleslaw if you wish. Alice will do her best to help Celiacs. (map)



  • L’osola Bella Bistro 3250C Berry Road 250-766 7625.  They have gluten free pasta and also do pennes. I have eaten there twice and enjoyed the food very much. I have not had a chance to try the penne’s but sure plan to. (map)
  • Epicure Selections is now 100% certified gluten-free and offers fine food products such as: Dip Mixes, Salsas, Spice Blends and Quick Meal Solution. Contact Sandy Williams at 250-862-7312



  • Saigon 270 Bernard Avenue 250-860-1846 Make sure you have the rice noodles. Vietnamese and Chinese food available. (map)
  • Earl’s Kitchen and Bar 211 Bernard 250-763-2777 Offers a gluten-aware menu (map)
  • Twisted Tomato Restaurant 371 Bernard Avenue 250-868-8947 Has some gluten-free options on the menu. (map)
  • Fresh Healthy Cafe 269 Bernard Avenue 250-860-2261 Have gluten-free wraps! (map)
  • Bai Tong Thai 275 Bernard Ave  The owner is very knowledgeable, many menu items are gluten-free.  (map)


  • Mamma Rosa 561 Lawrence Avenue (behind Town Centre Mall) 250-763-4114 Italian food. All their sauces are gluten-free and they have rice noodles on the menu. (map)
  • The Grand Bay Cafe 1310 Water Street in the Grand Delta Hotel 250-763-4500 They were wonderful in helping to choose gluten-free foods! (map)
  • Cannery Coffee Bistro 109 1289 250-763-4022 Ellis Street now carry some gluten-free baked goods. (map)
  • RauDZ Regional Table Restaurant 1560 Water Street 250-868-8805 The kitchen and staff are very well educated on gluten-free dining. They are willing to offer and alter where-ever possible. (map)
  • Prospera Place 1223 Water Street 250-979-0888 Has a dedicated fryer so fries are gluten-free. (map)
  • Wedge Artisan Pizza 1184 High Road 250-868-0004 Has thin crust gluten-free pizzas. (map)
  • Jimmy Ho’s Take out Express 1166 High Road 250-868-0096 (map)
  • Bordello’s Italian Pizzeria 1481 Water Street 250-868-0466 Offers gluten-free crusts. (map)
  • Chai Baba Tea 104 – 1289 Ellis St. They carry gluten-free goodies. (map)
  • Dawett Fine Indian Cuisine 1435 Ellis Street 250-717-1668 Almost all the items on the menu are gluten-free. (map)
  • DaNoha’s Mediterranean Grill in the Prestige Inn 1675 Abbot Street  Fine Mediterranean cuisine including vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.  (map)
  • The Yellow House Restaurant 526 Lawrence Avenue 250-763-5136 The menu is is 90% Gluten Free (December 2013)  (map)


  • Boston Pizza two locations – downtown and Dilworth Plaza. Offers gluten-free pizza. Either the grilled salmon just as it comes on the kid’s menu (with drink and Jello for dessert) they are willing to do grilled chicken with rice and steamed vegetables instead. (map)
  • Mekong Restaurant (Chinese) 1030 Harvey Avenue near Capri Mall 250-763-2238 Have a gluten-free menu! (map)
  • O-Zeki Japanese Restaurant #1-1745 Spall Road near Moores 250-862-8860 (map)
  • Mon Thong 1876 Cooper Road (Orchard Plaza near Zellers) 250-860-6809 Wonderful Thai food! (map)
  • Wendy’s two locations: One across from Save on Foods near Orchard Park and the other on Hollywood Road in Rutland. Has a gluten-free product list. (map)
  • White Spot two locations: one across from Orchard Park and the other at the Airport. Has a gluten-free list. (map)
  • Milestones two locations: Orchard Park Mall 778-436-2308 and across from Capri Mall 250-861-5354 Has an allergy guide. Knowledgeable chefs, best if you can phone in advance. (map)
  • New York Fries 2271 Harvey Avenue in Food Fair at Orchard Park “Poutine” with their cheese sauce, which is gluten-free, instead of the gravy. See their FAQ on the web site. (map)
  • Moxies 1730 Cooper Road 250-861-6110 Staff knowledgeable. (map)
  • Montana’s Cookhouse #400-1500 Banks Road 250-861-7888 There can be a lot of gluten-free menu items available. See their allergy guide on their web site. (map)
  • Cactus Club Cafe #200-1575 250-763-6752 Banks Road Knowledgeable chefs, but you can phone in advance. See the gluten friendly section on their website. (map)
  • Joey’s Global Grill and Lounge #300-2475 Harvey Avenue 250-860-8999 Gluten-free menu, but not many items. Expensive. (map)
  • Red Robin 1920 Cooper Road 250-762-9700 Red Robin now has a tablet that let’s you put in various allergens.  Fries are gluten free. They have GF buns. Staff knowledgeable. (map)
  • Poppadoms 948 McCurdy Road A taste of India! Has a gluten-free menu! 778-753-5563 (map)
  • Zias 1913 Kent Road (near Spall and Highway 97)  They have Deli meats & cheeses, pastas & sauces oils & vinegars, some in store meals, imported specialty foods.  250-763-0140 (map)
  • Ora Kelowna 2400 Highway 97 North.  They have some gluten-free items on the menu and they can make changes to existing items.  My server was not too knowledgeable but the kitchen was and there is a server there (March 2012) who is Celiac who was very helpful. (map)
  • Old Spaghetti Factory They have a separate section for preparing GF spaghetti as was a GF menu.  1755 Capri Street 250-860-5111 (map)
  • UBC Okanagan Campus Has gluten free options at campus cafeterias.  3333 University Way 250-807-8000 (map)
  • Helmut’s Sausage Kitchen A chapter member recommends “My children have many food allergies and sensitivities… this has become one of my go to places.” 105-1875 Commerce Ave 250-861-3281 (map)


  • Lake Tai Restaurant #101-3010 Pandosy Street 250-860-1588. They can cater to Celiacs. Their food and service is wonderful. (map)
  • Fix Café and Pasta Bar #101-3275 Lakeshore Road 250-861-3499 Has delicious bouillabaisse but pricey. (map)
  • Infusions 1000 KLO Road at Okanagan College 250-762-5445 Limited times so call first. (map)
  • Marmalade Cat Cafe 2903 Pandosy Street 250-861-4158 They feature soup, sandwiches, cookies and squares. They also have a freezer with GF retail products for sale. (map)
  • Cabana Bar and Grille 3799 Lakeshore Road 250-763-1955. They have gluten-free pizza and flatbread options and have just added gluten-free desserts. (map)
  • Mr. Mozzarella 4600 Lakeshore Road 250-872-2222 They have gluten-free pizza for pick- up or delivery! (map)
  • Gratitude Cafe 585 Osprey Avenue 778-478-9090 Serving Gluten Free Food and Kelowna’s only Raw Food Restaurant (map)
  • Original Joes 2728 Pandosy Street 250-717-5637 (map)
  • Joe Buds Coffee House at #10  4800 Lakeshore 250-764-3072 has GF muffins (map)
  • Blenz 2823 Pandosy Street 250-717-1577  has baked goods (torts and cookies) made in a GF facility and packaged so no need for x-contamination concerns (map)


  • Wendy’s two locations: One across from Save on Foods near Orchard Park and the other on Hollywood Road in Rutland. Has a gluten-free product list. (map)
  • Taco Time three locations – Dilworth, near Mission Park, Holywood Rutland Has an allergy guide. Order the kid’s meal with a cheese quesadilla on a corn tortilla; staff is amenable to wiping the grill first. (map)
  • Latin Fiesta 103 – 200 N Dougall Road 778-753-5858 Mexican/Salvadorian Restaurant – they sell all sorts of Hispanic food supplies including probably the best corn tortilla’s in the Valley – super fresh and perfect for cooking with. They also sell a large variety of foods that are eatable right there because the majority of Hyspanic cooking is with corn product. (map)
  • Olympia Greek Taverna 145 Highway 33 West Gluten-free pizza!  (map)
  • Hill Crest Farms at 700 Hwy 33 East Kelowna BC 250-765-8000  is a great coffee shop/fresh food and eatery. Brownies are awesome! (map)


  • EK’s Grill 401 Glenmore Road 250-862-2236 They have a good selection of gluten free. (map)


  • The Harvest Golf Club 2725 KLO Road 250-862-3103 They are familiar with cooking for a gluten-free diet. (map)
  • Michaelbrook Ranch Golf Club 1085 Lexington Road 250-763-6010 They know about Celiac. (map)
  • Kelowna Golf & Country Club 1297 Glenmore Drive 250-762-2531 (map)
  • Gallagher’s Canyon Golf and Country Club 4372-4398 Gallaghers Dr E. 250-861-4240 (map)



  • Second Cup 1950 Harvey Avenue near London Drugs 250-712-0444 The drinks are gluten-free, as the creamers contain glucose solids or maltodextrin which comes from corn. The flavours do not have any gluten, either. They are all based on maltodextrin (gluten-free) as well! (map)
  • Blenz Coffee Three locations: downtown, Pandosy and Glenmore. Iced Chocolate and Hot Chocolate. NO SPRINKLES! Mmmmm… good! (map)


  • Abaco Health 3818 Gordon Drive 250-861-3090 (map)
  • Choices 1937 Harvey Avenue 250-862-4864 (across from London Drugs) Blue stickers on shelves mark the GF items. Newsletter sponsor. (map)
  • Illichmann Meats 1937 Gordon Road 250-860-6604 They make gluten-free sausages etc. (map)
  • Mission Park Vitamins in 41-3155 Lakeshore Road (Mission Park ) 250-763-3016 Has bread and muffins (map)
  • Natural Rezources 525 Bernard Avenue 250-762-3153 They have the great selection. (map)
  • Nature’s Fare Market Orchard Plaza (map)
  • Tripke’s Bakery Two locations 567 Bernard Avenue (downtown) and 538 Yates Road (Glenmore) Knowledgeable and offer some goodies that are gluten-free. (map)
  • Francine’s Finest Food mail order but factory is in Kelowna for pick-up. Click for PDF catalog.
  • M & M Meats Two locations – 2007 Harvey Avenue and 21-3155 Lakeshore Road (Mission Park). Products with gluten are clearly labeled. (map)
  • Safeway, Save on Foods, Coopers, IGA and Superstore. All carry some celiac/diabetic foods in their diet/ethnic section. Ask for a better selection!
  • The Allergic Chef (James Mullan) 250-860-2965 Offers locally made gluten-free products on his web site,, as well as offers in-home consulting and cooking lessons. He is at the Kelowna farmers’ market Saturdays and Wednesdays as well as the Peachland farmers’ market starting Sundays May 29th.
  • Epicure Selections is now 100% certified gluten-free and offers fine food products such as: Dip Mixes, Salsas, Spice Blends and Quick Meal Solution. Contact Jenn Hobbs at 250-861-8375 or
  • Smart Start Meals 250-869-7678 They deliver ready-to-cook gluten-free meal packages to busy people and families throughout Kelowna/West Kelowna/Lake Country, and even Big White during the winter. The kitchen is approved by IHA and is foodsafe certified.
  • Abby’s Spice and Teas 135-1855 Kirschner Road The spices are freshly ground and the owner doesn’t put any additives into her blends which makes it a safe spot for folks with any allergy. 250-763-8833 (map)
  • Valoroso Foods 1467 Sutherland Avenue Kelowna and 2441 D Main Street West Kelowna They have a selection of gluten free pastas, a gluten free Italian blend flour and they make a gluten free pizza crust. Super friendly and they have way, way better prices on cheeses and deli meats. 250-860-3631 (Kelowna map) (West Kelowna Map)
  • Home For Dinner 592 Bernard Avenue 778-478-0343 They have some gluten-free items available and you can order online. (map)
  • L&D Meats 2365 Gordon Drive (Guisichan Village) They have a small gluten-free section.  (map)
  • Johnny’s Meats 10 – 190 Hollywood Road 250-860-5646 Really good and knowledgeable about GF. Lots of in house made sausage and pepperoni are GF. (map)
  • Happy Valley – Happy Valley has gluten-free options on the casual side and in the steakhouse. (map)



  • Boston Pizza 2563 Hwy 97 250-768-0707 They have gluten free pizza crusts, and you choose the toppings. The grilled salmon (on the kid’s menu -with drink & Jello for dessert) or grilled chicken with rice and steamed vegetables. (map)
  • La Cucina Pasteria #121-3640 Gossett Road 250-707-0123 The best in Westbank! (map)
  • Quail’s Gate Winery – Old Vines Restaurant 3303 Boucherie Road 1-800-420-9463 ext. 252 A pricier gluten-free dinner, fabulous. Of course, this is a special once in a while meal because it’s pricey! Just can’t be beat for food, setting and service! (map)
  • White Spot 400-2330 Highway 97 250- 707-0005 Has a menu for allergies and gluten-free. They have good service there. (map)
  • 19 Okanagan Grill and Bar  3509 Carrington Road  250-768-3133 Located at the Two Eagles Golfing Course.  They have a terrific gluten-free menu recommend by Nadine at Choices (map)


  • Natural Harvest Market & Vitamins 3654 Hoskins Road 250-768-4558 (map)
  • Nature’s Fare 104 – 3480 Carrington Road 250-707-3935 (map)
  • Save-On-Foods Suite 1-2475 Dobbin Road 250-768-2944 They have GF products, usually in the ethnic/diabetic/health section. One of the cashiers is celiac). They will slice Freybe’s meats (gluten-free) for you even cleaning the cutting blades etc. (map)
  • M&M Meat Shops 3711 Old Okanagan Highway (Okanagan Crossing) 250-707-1440 They carry gluten-free items. (map)
  • Epicure Selections is now 100% certified gluten-free and offers fine food products such as: Dip Mixes, Salsas, Spice Blends and Quick Meal Solution. Contact Jenn Hobbs at 250-861-8375 or
  • R & R Meats 117 3640 Gosset Road West Kelowna 250-707-0715  We carry spolumbos sausage from Calgary no fillers,binders or preservatives. (map)
  • Bulk Barn  3610 Carrington Road (Snyatan Shopping Centre)  Lots of gluten-free items. (map)
  • Johnny’s Meats 1777 Ross Road 250-860-5646  Really good and knowledgeable about GF. Lots of in house made sausage and pepperoni are GF. (map)


  • Gasthaus on the Lake 5790 Beach Avenue 250-767-6625 This is a great place! (map)
  • Ships A-Hoy 5860A Beach Avenue 250-767-2225 Gluten-free fish and chips!  Yum! (map)



  • Cosy Bay Seafood Cafe 13220 N. Victoria Road 250-494-8711 They have gluten-free fish & chips . The food is excellent. (map)
  • Shaughnessy’s Cove Pub and Restaurant 12817 South Lakeshore Drive 250-494-9448 This is off Highway 97 in “Lower Summerland”. The chef pointed out what was gluten-free. (map)
  • Zia’s Stonehouse 14015 Rosedale, 250-494-1105 They are both familiar with and accommodating for gluten-free eating. Very good. (map)


  • Navratian Fine Indian Cuisine 413 Main St., 250-490-4746. Awesome Indian food! Butter Chicken is yummy! Celiacs can’t have the “Dal”. You can get take out. (map)
  • Isshin Sushi Bar and Asian Dining 102-151 Front Street 250-770-1141 Best sushi in town and very busy lunch spot. (map)
  • Theo’s Greek Restaurant 687 Main Street 492-4019 I’ve been able to get a good gluten-free meal. (map)
  • La Casa Ouzeria 1090 Main Street 250-492-9144 They have Chicken Souvlaki (without the pita bread). Familiar with gluten-free eating. Ask for their Naked Calamari – and enjoy calamari again. (map)
  • White Spot 1770 Main Street They knew all about the gluten-free diet. Has a menu for allergies and gluten-free. At noon, try a burger wrapped in lettuce leaves. They have good service there. (map)
  • Boston Pizza 1900 Main Street 250-493-0329 They have gluten free pizza crusts, and you choose the toppings. The grilled salmon (on the kid’s menu -with drink & Jello for dessert) or grilled chicken with rice and steamed vegetables. (map)
  • Shades on Main 1909 Main St. 250-493-0465 Listed in the CCA website as Celiac friendly. (map)
  • Taco Time 2050 Main Street 250-493-0060 Order the kid’s meal with a cheese quesadilla on a corn tortilla; staff is amenable to wiping the grill first. (map)
  • Ricky’s Family Restaurant #208-2111 Main Street 250-490-0375 (in Cherry Lane Mall) No problem with the bacon and eggs with hash browns and sliced tomatoes instead of toast. (map)
  • Hooded Merganser #21 Lakeside Drive West 250-487-4663, Good food, moderately expensive. At least one of their managers is a celiac. (map)
  • Vallarta Grill 988 Lakeshore Drive West 250-492-5610 Awesome Mexican Food. They make anything in a corn base soft taco. Free freshly made salsa with corn chips to start the meal. They let us read the ingredient list to double check! The best Margaritas in town. (map)
  • Lee’s Oversee Restaurant 139 Westminster Ave West 250-492-7172 Good, fast, inexpensive. Great quick lunch! (map)
  • Tokyo Japanese Restaurant 101-786 Westminster Avenue West 250-492-6610 A good place to eat Japanese food especially sushi but you have to be a bit careful with the sauces. (map)
  • Iyara Thai Restaurant 2985 Skaha Lake Road 250-770-9791 The soups are all okay, and most of the salads and some of the curries. (map)
  • Dream Cafe 67 Front Street 250-490-9012, Good food , moderate price and numerous items for celiacs. (map)
  • Ginza Japanese Restaurant 74 Front Street 250-493-0303 Very helpful! Anyone who identified themselves as Celiac would be helped. In addition to the sushi, order their oyster or mixed seafood motoyaki and sunomono salad. (map)
  • Black Iron Grill & Steak House 152 Riverside, 250-276-2447 Good gluten-free food. (map)
  • Villa Rosa 795 W Westminster Avenue West 250-490-9595 Informed, very accommodating and friendly. Italian food that is safe and good too! (map)
  • Earl’s Kitchen and Bar 101 -1848 Main Street 250-493-7455 Offers a gluten-aware menu (map).
  • Fresh Healthy Café 325 Main Street 250-493-3333 They do gluten-free wraps with the amaranth- millet ones commercially available and will be extra diligent to avoid cross-contamination. The also have salads. (map)
  • The Pasta Factory 236 Martin Street 250-492-6088 Has a gluten-free menu. (map)
  • Amante Bistro 101-483 Main Street 250-493-1961 It is expensive but it’s the best for an evening of true cuisine! The chef is originally from Mexico and does not come from a wheat based cuisine. Sometimes they have 3 or 4 desserts that I can eat, and that’s better than the usual none. They have accommodated me on several occasions. (map)
  • Kaleden Restaurant 224 Highway 97 in Kaleden (just south of Penticton) 250-497-5400 Has gluten-free bread and makes a really tasty club house. (map)
  • Frog City Cafe 351 Linden Avenue in Kaleden 250-497-6600 You eat in the middle of a huge garden that used to be an orchard in Kaleden (7 km south of Penticton). Small menu but fabulous food! Afterwards you can wander through the gardens. They also do weddings and special occasions. (map)
  • The Wild Scallion 75 Front Street 250 -486 -8117  Member says “Wheat in any form does not exist in their kitchen, so feel free to sample everything, it’s simply divine!” (map)


  • Nature’s Fare Natural Foods 104 Main Street 250-492-7763 A terrific staff, familiar with gluten-free eating and with lots of allergy problems. Gluten-free items, including rice flour tortillas (for wraps) byFood for Life in the freezer section. They carry a different selection of foods than Whole Food Market. (map)
  • Safeway 801 Main Street 250-487-2103 Have some gluten-free products. (map)
  • Save On Foods 161-2111 Main Street 250-492-2011 They have a lot of the same products, some less expensive. (map)
  • Shoppers Shoppers Drug Mart 701-1301 Main Street 250-492-8000 Carries Udi items. Includes many GF pastas, cookies, crackers and cereals. Some of these are not available in other stores in town. (map)
  • Whole Foods Market 103-1770 Main Street 250-493-2855 Great shopping for gluten-free products. They have the Wheat Grass Cafe They have gluten-free muffins made fresh daily and most of the soups which are made at the cafe are gluten-free. The store has the gluten-free club that they promote and are very good at labeling gluten-free products .You can get a sandwich made from gluten-free bread! (map)
  • Epicure Selections is now 100% certified gluten-free and offers fine food products such as: Dip Mixes, Salsas, Spice Blends and Quick Meal Solution. Contact Gina Erickson at 250-499-2141


  • Wedgie’s Pizza Parlour 9th Ave, OK Falls ~ 250-493-9132 Gluten-free take-out pizza! It was a bit like Christmas when we discovered that Wedgie’s Pizza can do nearly all of their pizzas on a gluten-free crust. They are made on a separate pan – add $2 for gluten-free version. (map)


  • Burrowing Owl Estate Winery 100 Burrowing Owl Place 877-498-0620 Nice appies, knowledgeable chef, call ahead to make reservations, and discuss the menu. (map)



  • Campo Marina 5907 Main Street 250-495-7650 They have great steak and salmon on a cedar plank dinner that is safe for celiac’s. (map)
  • Sol Grill Room and Lounge 7906 Main street 250-495-6884 If you want a wonderful but bit more pricey meal, Sol’s on the top floor of the Holiday Inn will make you a marvelous gluten-free meal. Their “tapas or small plates” are reasonably priced and allow for tasty combination dinners. (map)
  • Osoyoos Golf and Country Club Restaurant 12300 Golf Course Dr RR 4 250-495-7003 They stock gluten-free bread (as the manager of the Club is a celiac) so clubhouse sandwiches are good and much of the dinner buffet is often gluten-free as several members are celiacs as well. Very accommodating chef. (map)
  • Dolci Deli and Catering 8710 Main Street 250-495-6807 They are a wonderful small deli restaurant especially good for lunch and very gluten-free friendly. (map)
  • The Wildfire Grill 8526 Main Street 250-495-2215 They are familiar with gluten-free and can modify their menu for our diet. (map)


  • As far as grocery shopping goes in the Oliver /Osoyoos area, it is very sparse. I find that there are only a few gluten-free items in the two grocery stores. (map of grocery store locations)
  • Epicure Selections is now 100% certified gluten-free and offers fine food products such as: Dip Mixes, Salsas, Spice Blends and Quick Meal Solution. Contact Gina Erickson at 250-499-2141





  • Amanda’s Restaurant 655 3A Highway 250-352-1633 If you phone ahead, they will make you gluten-free Chinese food. It is so good that even my family loves it. (map)
  • The Vienna 411 Kootenay Street 250-354-4646 Good gluten-free meals, but no gluten-free bread, anymore. (map)
  • Busaba Thai Cafe A-524 Victoria Street 250-352-2185 Very good quality, delicious food. (map)
  • Baba’s Indian Cuisine, 445 Baker Street 250-352-0077 most of the menu is in fact gluten-free already, aside from the breads and the soups. The owner/chef is gluten aware. (map)
  • KC Restaurant 546 Baker Street 250-352-5115. They serve Chinese, Sushi and Thai. Avoid the Chinese food, but you can order gluten-free Pad Thai. They have been very supportive of the gluten-free diet! (map)
  • ITZA Pizza, 413 Hall Street 250-352-3573 Great salads and gluten-free pizza. (map)
  • Bent Fork Restaurant 318 Anderson Street 250-352-3773 (map)
  • Jagannatha Express 660 Baker Street 250-354-1084 (map)
  • Kurama Sushi 491 Baker Street 250-352-5353 Ask for the gluten-free menu. (map)
  • Outer Clove Cafe 536 Stanley Street 250-354-1667 Ask for the gluten-free menu. (map)
  • McQ’s North Country Grill at Lakeview Lodge (Balfour BC) 1285 Queens Bay Road 250-229-4141 Closed winters (map)
  • Hume Hotel 422 Vernon Street 250-352-5331 Ask for the gluten-free specific menu (map)
  • Valley View Golf Course (Windlaw BC) 6937 Hwy 6 250-226-7241 They have a dedicated deep fryer, and gluten-free lasagna (map)
  • Bluebelle Bistro and Beanery (Kaslo) 302 4th Street 250-373-7361 (map)


  • Kootenay Coop 295 Baker Street 250-354-4077. They do carry a number of grocery items that are gluten-free and are helpful with specialty orders. (map)
  • Save On Foods 1200 Lakeside Drive 250-352-7617 Located at the Chahko-Mika Mall carries gluten free breads in their freezer section as well has a small “natural foods” section where there are some gluten-free grocery items such as cereals, cookies etc. (map)
  • Chocofellers Chocolates on 625 Front (suite 203) They have all gluten-free chocolates (but one). (map)
  • Ellison’s Market 523 Front Street (map)
  • Grounded Organic Coffee House 616 Vernon Street (map)
  • Kootenay Bakery 377 Baker Street (map)
  • Oso Negro 604 Ward Street (map)
  • Epicure Selections is now 100% certified gluten-free and offers fine food products such as: Dip Mixes, Salsas, Spice Blends and Quick Meal Solution. Contact Jenn Hobbs at 250-861-8375 or


  • The Sunshine Cafe 2116 Columbia Avenue 250-362-5099 They have an entire gluten-free menu. The food is GREAT! (map)




  • Lil Bears Trail (Help! Is this in Trail or is this Little Bear Restaurant in Castlegar?)
  • PapayaDub Bakestudio 250-231-2145 or
  • Lovin’ Oven 898 Victoria Street 250-368-5002 (map)


  • Bauern Haus 280 Norton Drive 250-427-5133 (map)
  • The Gasthaus 240 Spokane Street 250-427-4851 (map)



Maps to recommended restaurants on Vancouver and the Gulf Islands, visit The Celiac Scene

You may not be training for a marathon, but some days, living gluten-free, can feel like your training for the Olympics!

– It takes perseverance to stay knowledgeable in living gluten-free.

– It takes discipline to refuse the foods you wish you could still eat.

– It takes determination to press onward in your pursuit to live gluten-free.

7 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Restaurants & Stores

  1. wow up until this morning i had never heard of celiac disease for the past week my dad has been in the hospital with flu like symptoms and they believe he has celiacs disease it is good to know theyre are lotsa places in vernon and the surronding area that serve gluten free food :)it definitly is truly an eye opener wow:)great web site:)

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  4. The new BuyLow Grocery store in Oliver carries a large selection of gluten free items.

    Terrafina Restaurant at Hester Creek Winery ( are very accommodating to Gluten Free requirements and offer a Gluten Free pizza option. Great atmosphere & service.

    Sinbad’s Seafood Cafe cooks their french fries in a dedicated frier (and they are really good!) and will grill the fish options.

  5. Fernandos entire menu was made by a celiac owner and almost every item is gluten free and prepared in a separate part of the kitchen, so no cross contamination:) They also do gluten free BATTERED fish and chips, nothing that goes in they’re fryer contains gluten, it’s all corn battered, so no cross contamination there either!

  6. I’ll be in the Okanagan Valley in september, its my first visit in your country, i’m from Québec and member of the Quebec Celiac Foundation This list is very helpfull ..Thank you so much
    I have to improve my english …sorry for the mistakes

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