Canadian Gluten-Free Oats Product

This product suggestion from Penny Lobdell, B.H.E., RD Coordinator, Clinical Nutrition Central Okanagan [email protected]  phone (250) 862-4300 ext. 7216.

In case you’re not aware of this site, check out   They sell pure oats for people needing a gluten-free diet and also for those who just like oats. The recipes look good! I hear that the oatcake recipe using these pure oats is excellent. Canadian, tasty, a good choice for breakfast, oatmeal cookies for anytime and desserts that are good for us!My family is looking forward to next year when it is likely that steel cut oats will be added to the Creamhill Estates line of products.Our favourite porridge.

Happy December to all!

Penny Lobdell

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