Knorr/Lipton soups they have changed the formula

Knorr Canada Press Release

As you may know, gluten is found in wheat, rye, and (to lesser  degree) in barley and oats.  Ingredients containing gluten will always be listed separately on all ingredient labels, as Unilever  Canada considers gluten to be a “common allergen”.

Our products are formulated for use by the majority of our consumers  and not specifically for those on restricted diets.  Therefore, it is possible for our product formulations to change at any time.

The Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix and the Lipton Onion Soup Mix have recently undergone a reformulation to reduce the sodium content by 25% as compared to the original recipe.  As a result, in order to  preserve the same great taste, one of the changes unfortunately included a change to a barley based yeast extract.

We apologize that you are no longer able to use our products and have forwarded your comments to the appropriate staff.  Consumer comments  are important to us and are evaluated on a regular basis.


Your friends at Knorr Canada

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