Kootenay Celiac meeting highlights from November 8th

Notes from the West Kootenay Celiac Group on November 8th, 2010

by Jane Merks

We had a great meeting on Monday.  Ten people came including 3 new people.  We enjoyed 2 hours of discussing the good, bad and ugly of eating gluten-free eating.

  • Discussion about local restaurants
  • Raves for the Hume (Nelson) and McQ’s (Balfour – closed in the winter)
  • Dock n’ Duck in Balfour have been removed from our list (they have not followed thru on GF menus)
  • We are adding Bent Fork (Nelson) Rene’s (Creston) and Scholar’s Lounge, Mary Hall, Silver King Campus Selkirk College (Nelson – call ahead)
  • discussion about responsibilities of various jobs
  • we are looking for a ‘leader’ for meetings and overall coordinating
  • for now each job functions on its own
  • Don and Lynda in charge of room rental and key pickup – they will arrange 3 meeting dates in 2011, Jan,. Mar, May
  • Nell will put ads and notices in papers and websites (we need a backup person for when she’s away)
  • Jean will take over this email address (Jane can be backup person)
  • Jane will continue creating flyers, Don will distribute in Nelson, everyone distributes locally as well
  • Jane will continue updating brochure but a discussed about printing and distribution will be held in January
  • Minutes of meeting will be produced by someone on a rotating basis (Jean can email to everyone) unless we get a secretary
  • discussion about cookie exchange (most aren’t ready for this year – but next!) – including recipes
  • discussion about meeting times/days – we’ll vary it – some evenings, some Saturdays
  • NEXT meeting – bring product package of one of your favourites and one of your ‘hated’
  • Recipes will continue to be forwarded to ‘active members’ (those who filled out the form) from Nell and others – if you don’t wish to get this, let us know please.

About David Fowler

David Fowler is an online marketing consultant specializing in AdWords PPC, SEO, and website updates. He is the webmaster of Kelowna Celiac and was co-chair of the Kelowna 2012 CCA National Conference in Kelowna.