What is the CCA Professional Advisory Council?

As we approach the month of May each year, there is always an interesting debate about what to focus on for Celiac Awareness Month. This year was easy! We are highlighting two excellent new documents created by the CCA’s Professional Advisory Council (PAC) and designed to provide much-needed guidance to primary health providers:

  • Follow-up of Patients with Celiac Disease: this guide, for medical doctors, aims to ensure proper follow-up and care for a patient diagnosed with celiac disease
  • Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity: also for medical doctors, this document explains non-celiac gluten sensitivity and how to diagnose it and differentiate it from celiac disease

Do you know what the PAC is? It is an expert advisory body for the CCA comprised of medical doctors (both general practitioners and specialists), dietitians, and even a cereal scientist! Their role is to help ensure that the CCA remains the best source of quality, science-based factual information on celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and the gluten-free diet. The combined knowledge and dedication of this group of professionals is absolutely critical to the CCA’s reputation as a reliable, invaluable resource. This is a volunteer role; they give their time to the cause out of the goodness of their hearts, and we truly appreciate it. Hats off to the PAC!

Watch for more news about Celiac Awareness Month shortly and you will soon find the new documents online at www.celiac.ca. Take a copy to your next medical appointment.

Hope spring is coming your way!

Anne-Wraggett-ccaAnne Wraggett
President, Canadian Celiac Association