Pizza Potluck Recap and Photos

Thanks to Chapter President Irene Wiseman who took these photos of Sunday’s Pizza potluck.

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The turnout was small (perhaps the weather was a little too nice?) but those that attended enjoyed Pizzas supplied by Jim’s Place, a Chapter sponsor, in Vernon. Regular members brought salads and desserts.

Cake was supplied to us by “Inspired by Happiness”, another chapter sponsor. According to Irene, these were the best cakes that she has EVER purchased. Inspired by Happiness also provided each event attendee a coupons for a free cake. See what happens when you miss a potluck?

At the meeting portion of the potluck, there was discussion on how to revamp CCA membership. Some suggested that the membership fee should be done away with in the hopes that people would then be more likely to donate to the CCA. Volunteer burnout is also another issue with most chapter. It has been a factor with the Kelowna chapter – with many long-term executive members wanting to step down, but no one willing to step forward to take their place. If you are interested in volunterring please contact chapter president Irene Wiseman at [email protected]

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