Help Wanted: Kelowna Chapter Vice-President

At our Annual Central Meeting (AGM) we managed to fill all the Kelowna chapter executive positions except for Vice-President. We are looking for someone to step forward and fill this volunteer position.

vice presidentHere are some of the duties of the Vice-President:

  1. You report to the President.
  2. You fill in for the President should she or he not be able to attend a meeting or for any other reason is not able to carry on in the position of President.
  3. Help other executive members who require assistance.
  4. Attend meeting both chapter and executive meetings. (We currently only have 2 chapter meetings a year plus a get together at Christmas. The meetings are held in Winfield at the senior centre.)
  5. Be involved in the decisions involving the chapter.
  6. We hope that the Vice-President would consider taking on the position of President after the term of the President was over in 2018.

Please consider this position.

If you have any question please feel free to contact Irene Wiseman, Chapter President at [email protected] or  250 832 7738.

About David Fowler

David Fowler is an online marketing consultant specializing in AdWords PPC, SEO, and website updates. He is the webmaster of Kelowna Celiac and was co-chair of the Kelowna 2012 CCA National Conference in Kelowna.