Treated Malt Beer Still Not Safe For Celiacs

beer-not-gluten-freeMisinformation by bartenders and beer sellers is still prevalent, so routinely we feel it necessary to issue the following reminder.

NO beer made with malt is considered safe for people with celiac disease.  Not mainstream beers, and not enzyme treated beers. Examples include Estrella, Celia and Omission.

Current technology can not accurately measure the amount of gluten in beer. It doesn’t matter that the company says their beer tests at 3 ppm or 10 ppm, or whatever. We feel that those numbers are not reliable. Other people drinking the beer without apparent symptoms doesn’t make it safe.

Recognize that this restriction is just a bad part of having celiac disease and find your new drink.

About Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson lives in Ottawa and has served on the CCA Board of Directors since 2011. Mark works on the CCA’s awareness, revenue and education initiatives, and as such is involved with such tasks as writing, editing, internal communication, media relations, member support, advertising, and social media. Mark also serves as president of the CCA’s Ottawa Chapter. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Waterloo, and master’s degrees from the University of Ottawa (communication) and Carleton University (political management). Mark was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005. He is a federal public servant, is married with two dogs, and in his spare time enjoys travelling, learning, reading, and playing