Gluten-Free BBQ Sauce Recommendations

by Wanda Goulden


refus-teague-bbq-sauceIt’s summer, finally! There are great BBQ sauces available that don’t contain gluten ingredients, but one can spend a great deal of time in the sauce aisle reading the ingredients on bottle after bottle. Rufus Teague BBQ Sauces are labelled gluten-free, are widely available and often placed in the GF section of the grocery. Best of all they are thick, tasty and come in five flavours: Honey Sweet, Touch’O’Heat, Blazin’ Hot, Whiskey Sweet and Smokey Apple. My go-to favourite is the Honey Sweet and I keep Touch’O’Heat around those dishes that do well with little extra zing, like chicken wings. Blazin’ Hot is far to hot for my tastes, but you like what you like. Give them a try!


  1. KFI Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce available at COSTCO & Walmart. Two thumbs up! And made in
  2. Greek Style Skewers Souvlaki: Now with the GFCP seal on the item package! Skewers come in beef. pork and chicken, eight skewers to a package. Easy to prepare and very tasty.

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