Chapter Meeting Minutes November 4, 2018

Kelowna Chapter Minutes
November 4, 2018

In attendance: 18 people, at the Winfield Senior’s Centre. A delicious Christmas lunch was prepared by Creative Catering.

Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Hurst reported that as of August 31, 2018, we had $7,518.57 in our account.

President’s Report: Irene Wiseman said that the chapter needs a President, Secretary, and Treasurer to be able to continue. We would need to have at least 2 meetings a year. Irene asked if anyone was interested in taking on these positions. If we don’t get people to fill these positions, the chapter will close as of March 1, 2019. We will honour our advertising commitments, which go until the end of February 2019. Our website (done by David Fowler) will also shut down with the chapter. As it stands right now, this will be our last meeting. Selena deVries, our dietician, does Wellness groups 4 times a year. People could still get together then, or meet in their own communities for coffee/a meal. There was also a discussion about the importance of awareness, research, and labeling.

Vice President’s Report: n/a

Newsletter: The newsletter was sent out in October 2018. Barb Hicks has a change to make to the bread recipe that was in the newsletter. Barb will send the information to Marie Ablett.

Hospitality: n/a

Membership/Supplies: Not available for this meeting. Membership is dwindling.

Help-line: Nothing to report.

Product Information: There are lots of great products out now that have the CCA gluten-free certification logo on them.

National Report: The CCA has a new restaurant program, to certify places as gluten-free. The CCA does testing and gives eligible restaurants a gluten free logo. The CCA is also testing different grains and grain flours re: cross-contamination. The CCA will be moving to a smaller office, to save money.

New Business: Our chapter donated $100.00 to Melissa Secord, CCA executive director for a celiac charity run. She sent a thank you to us. We did a donation to the Salvation Army and gave money to David for doing our website. We gave $10,000.00 to Mary Young at UBCO (University of BC, Okanagan campus), to do research on the effects of celiac disease on young people. Nora Eaves sent a thank you card to the executive of our chapter. We received a generous anonymous donation today from a member – thank you to the donor. We will have an executive meeting re: leftover chapter money. We will get member input. There was a discussion about doing a donation to the Salvation Army or local food banks (we would prefer that the money was used to buy gluten-free food, if possible). Irene thanked the members and executive for coming to the meeting. We did a raffle for the door prizes and gift baskets.

Meeting Adjourned: Joan Maddison moved that we adjourn at 12:45 pm; seconded by Marie Ablett. All in favour.

About David Fowler

David Fowler is an online marketing consultant specializing in AdWords PPC, SEO, and website updates. He is the webmaster of Kelowna Celiac and was co-chair of the Kelowna 2012 CCA National Conference in Kelowna.