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Need help or advice from experienced celiacs?*

Marie Ablett
250-763-7159 [email protected]
Irene Wiseman
(Salmon Arm)
250-832-7738 [email protected]
Jennie Johnson
(West Kelowna)
250-707-3999 [email protected]
Lorna Young
250-541-0089 [email protected]

* We are not medical professionals, just helpful, friendly people who have been living gluten free for many years!

Kelowna Chapter Contacts

Our chapter serves the southern interior of British Columbia.

North – Shuswap Irene Wiseman 250-832-7738 Email
Vernon Lorna Young 250-541-0089 Email
Kelowna Marie Ablett 250-763-7159 Email

Kelowna Chapter Executive

President Irene Wiseman 250-832-7738 Email
Vice President Vacant
Secretary Rachael Richardson 250-832-8301 Email
Treasurer Marilyn Hurst 250-979-7291 Email
Membership Susan Morrison 250-762-8885 Email
Webmaster David E. Fowler 250-412-5440 Email

Kelowna Chapter Committees

Nicole Knegt 250-801-3290 Email
Marie Ablett 250-763-7159 Email
Webmaster David E. Fowler 250-412-5440 Email
Hospitality Shae/Jason McCormick 250-717-1755 Email

Kelowna Chapter Dietitians

Interior Health Mary Hicks 250-717-3639 Email
Registered Dietitian
working in private practice
Selena De Vries 778-990-6047 Email

Mailing Address

Kelowna Chapter of Canadian Celiac Association
P.O. Box 21031, Orchard Park
Kelowna, B.C.
V1Y 9N8

Kelowna Chapter Bylaws

Kelowna Bylaws November 2012 (PDF)

National Organization

The Canadian Celiac Association
5025 Orbitor Drive
Bldg 1 – Suite 400
Mississauga, ON, L4W 4Y5

Phone: 905-507-6208
Toll-Free: 1-800-363-7296
Fax: 905-507-4673
Email: [email protected]

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