Last Minute Gluten-Free Treat Ideas

As we get into the final countdown, you might find that you need a quick and simple cookie recipe for last minute guests or to make sure you have something tasty at yet another Christmas open house. Here are a few really quick recipes to consider.

  • Coconut cookies (coconut, GF oats, bananas) If you make these, be sure to use pure uncontaminated or GFCP certified oats. If you prefer not to use oats, here’s 2-ingredient option made with just coconut and bananas.
  • Flourless peanut butter cookies These taste great with chocolate chips or raisins added. I’ve also seen them baked with a Hershey’s kiss stuck on top.
  • Butter Cookies These work well with PC Gluten Free flour mix, and should work well with any all purpose GF flour mix that contains xanthan gum.
  • Colourful meringue cookies The base recipe for these cookies have only 3 ingredients. Use flavour, colouring and extras if you wish. Crushed candy canes or red and white mints make this especially festive.

If you are missing the bark recipes build on a cracker crust, here are some decadent bark options that don’t need a base crust at all.

  • Coffee, roasted almond, toasted coconut, dark chocolate bark Sounds like it could even count as breakfast.
  • Pomegranate, toasted quinoa and white chocolate bark The directions claim these will last up to 2 weeks. I don’t think they will be around that long in most homes!
  • Movie theater chocolate bark This would taste great watching your favourite Christmas movie at home
  • Kitchen sink bark This web site is one big commercial for a department store that had only a brief presence in Canada, but the idea is great. Use your own choice and brand of ingredients for this one. (If you are the kind of person who needs specific recipes, skip this one. It will drive you crazy.)
  • White chocolate, cranberry and strawberry rocky roads With three types of fruit it has to be healthy, right?
  • Whiskey, caramel, marshmallow, and bacon bark It has spiced bacon in it. Need I say more?

Don’t let the inability to eat the food the host is serving keep you from all the holiday parties you are invited to. You need a social life, just like people who don’t have celiac disease. Bring a container of goodies that you keep for yourself, and if you want, bring a separate platter to share. That way you don’t have to worry about accidental contamination.

The first time you do this, you will probably feel like everyone is watching you. In most cases, they aren’t, and even if they are, you are simply keeping yourself healthy so you can enjoy the holidays.